Mass is a Measure of What? Quiz question

There is a popular MCQ question on Mass. It can be seen in various exams and quizzes related to Physics. The quiz question is that the Mass is a measure of what? That means, What does the mass of a body imply? Let’s discuss the question and its answer in a proper pattern.

The quiz Question

The Mass is a Measure of

  1. Matter
  2. Inertia
  3. Weight
  4. Friction

The Answer and Explanation

Option 2 is the correct answer.

The mass of an object gives the measurement of its inertia. Newton’s first law of motion explains this fact. Inertia is the tendency to maintain the current state of rest or motion. A greater force is required to accelerate an object of greater mass and hence it has greater inertia.

Note that, Mass is the amount of matter, but its physical significance is that it gives an idea of the inertia of an object. Don’t be confused with these two facts. Weight is the multiplication between mass and gravitational acceleration.

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