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Sample Articles

Zener diode Voltage regulator circuit

Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator

Zener diode is designed to work in breakdown region of reverse bias. It can regulate the voltage at this region. Click on the title to read in details.

Picture of magnet

Magnetic Materials: Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic and Ferromagnetic

There are five types of Magnetic materials – Dia, Para, Ferro, Ferri and anti-ferro. In this post, you will find the concepts of all these types of Materials with properties and Examples.

Venn diagram for different types of network technologies

Network Technologies: WAN, MAN, LAN, PAN, etc.

What is Network technology? How do different types of Network technology work? Read different types of Network technologies and their uses.


Different types of Capacitors: Spherical, Cylindrical, Parallel Plate, etc.

What does a Capacitor mean? What are the formulae of Capacitance for different types of Capacitor? Click on the title of the post to know the basic concepts of Capacitor.

Karnaugh Map for Simplification of Boolean Expressions

There are two ways to Simplify Boolean expressions – by Boolean Algebra and by Karnaugh Map. How can you simplify Boolean equation by using K-Maps? Check here.


Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): Definition, Types, Properties, Uses

Bipolar Junction Transistor is a very useful electronic component. It is used in almost every analog and digital electronics circuit. Here is an overview on Bipolar Junction Transistor.

Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion and its Equations

What do you mean by Projectile Motion? Derivation of all equations of Projectile Motion – Maximum height, Time of Flight, Horizontal Range and Locus of Projectile.

I-V characteristics curve for a p-n junction diode

P-N Junction Diode: Formation, Bias circuit, Characteristics, uses

Biasing circuits, I-V characteristics curves, Ideal diode characteristics and uses of a P-N junction diode are explained in this post. Click on the title of the post to read it.

Kirchhoff’s Laws of Current and Voltage (KCL and KVL)

Why do we need Kirchhoff’s laws in Current electricity? Click on the title of the post to know the statement, explanation and utility of Kirchhoff’s law.

Electric field lines for a negative charge

Properties of Electric Field Lines for different charge configurations

Drawing of Electric field lines for different configurations of charge and then explaining the properties of electric field lines.

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