Examples of input devices in computer with images

In the architecture of a computer one can see that the components used in the computer are Input devices, Output devices, a CPU, and Memory units. In other articles, we have discussed Memory units and Output devices for a computer. Here we are going to discuss 10 examples of mostly used input devices in the computer with images.

What are Input devices for a Computer?

Input devices are the devices that we use to send information or data to a computer to store it or to perform an operation. Users can send data to a computer with the help of input devices and then the Computer performs the operation with those data according to the programming.

Examples of Input devices for a Computer

Here are 10 examples of input devices for a computer.

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Scanner
  4. Barcode reader
  5. Microphone
  6. Optical mark reader (OMR)
  7. Optical Character reader (OCR)
  8. Joystick
  9. Trackball
  10. Light Pen

Among these input devices Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Bar code reader, and Microphone are mostly used input devices in the computer. In this article, I am going to give a short description on the mentioned input devices one by one.

Examples of input devices in Computer with images and uses



A keyboard contains 104 keys of alphabets, numbers, special characters, function keys and other some keys. It is a fundamental and most used input device to input data to a Computer. One can type any word, any number and any other things using a keyboard. To insert any information in a computer one should press a series of words, numbers, etc. through a keyboard. Also, one can go through almost every function by using a keyboard only.



A Mouse is another useful input device for Computer. It is second most used input device. Mouse is a hand-held pointing device that mainly used to click and scroll the real-time page of the computer screen. The plural form of Mouse is Mice. A Mouse has two buttons – one is for left click and other is for right click. Also, the Mouse has a wheel between these two buttons. One can scroll up or down the page on computer screen by using this wheel. This is why the wheel is known as a scroller.


Digital Scanner
Digital Scanner

Scanner is another important input device of Computer. A Scanner scans images, texts or any other printed things and converts those into its digital versions. That means a Scanner converts a hard copy into a soft copy. We cannot input the images of an object to a computer by using a Keyboard or a Mouse. In this purpose a Scanner is used. The resolution of scanned image indicates the quality of the image. The unit of resolution of an image is pixels per inch (PPI). Higher value of PPI gives higher quality of the image. In modern days, there are variety of scanners like 2D scanners, 3D scanners and digital scanners.

Barcode reader

Bar code reader
Barcode reader

A Barcode reader or a Barcode scanner is also an optical scanner device just like a normal Scanner. But it can scan or read only the Barcodes attached with some products. It scans Barcode data and sends the data contained in the barcode to a computer after decoding it. You might have noticed barcodes in almost all the products in shopping malls. During billing of the products at the cash counter, workers of the shopping malls scan the barcodes of the products by a barcode scanner. A Barcode scanner uses laser light to scan barcodes.



The Microphone is one of the most popular input devices. It is a much needed device in all programs, shows, functions, conference meetings, etc. A Microphone converts sound energy into electrical energy. When we speak in front of a microphone, it converts our voice into electrical energy and helps it to flow through the wire connected with the microphone. When this electrical energy reaches to a loud speaker, the loud speaker converts the electrical energy into the original sound energy. This makes possible to the audience to listen the talk or speech or song from a large distance. Wireless microphones are also available in market. This type of microphone converts sound energy into electromagnetic signals.

Optical mark reader (OMR)

OMR sheet
OMR sheet

The full name of OMR is Optical Mark Recognition or Optical Mark Reader. It is another example of input device in computer application. Almost all the students and job aspirants are very much familiar with OMR sheet. During offline surveys and exams or tests, aspirants need to mark on correct answers by filling the bubbles given in the OMR answer sheet (specially in case of MCQ questions). Now, an OMR scans and reads the hand-marked answers of the OMR sheet. Using an OMR examiners can detect the answers or the response of the aspirants in very short time and more accurately.

Optical Character reader (OCR)

The full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader. It is an electronic device for a computer that can scan hand-written or printed text and converts those into their soft copies. The difference between a digital scanner and an OCR is that OCR can scan all characters one by one or line by line, but a digital scanner can scan whole text or images at a time. OCR has wide applications in data entry.


Image Source: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Joy Stick

Joysticks are usually used to play video games in computer or PC. It consists of push buttons whose state can be read by Computers. Some of the Joysticks contain a stick that pivots on the base and controls the directions. This type of Joysticks have huge applications in controlling machines such as cranes, trucks, wheel chairs, etc.


Trackball is a pointing input device containing buttons and a ball on it. A Trackball is very similar to a Mouse, but it has a ball instead of a scroller. To position on-screen pointer, users need to roll the ball. Also, users can click on the screen by pressing one of two buttons, just like a Mouse. The sensor attached with the ball detects the rotation of the ball about two axes to position the pointer on the screen.

Light Pen

A Light Pen is an input device that allows users to draw on the computer screen with greater positional accuracy. Users can use it only on the CRT-based displays. The problem of using a Light Pen is that users need to hold it on the screen during its usage. This is a difficult task to hold hands at any particular place for a long time. Therefore, a Light Pen has very limited uses in modern days.

This is all from this article on the examples of input devices for a computer. If you have any doubt on this topic you can ask me in the comment section.

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