Acceleration of Center of Mass – equation, definition

We already know the center of mass of a body which is a point inside the body where its entire mass is situated. A moving body can have two other center of masses – Velocity of center of mass and acceleration of center of mass. In another article, we have discussed the velocity center of … Read more

Formula for Center of Mass by integration in Physics

Every body consists of large number of point masses. The mass of the entire body is the sum of the masses of those points. Now, there must a central point in a body. If the body is symmetric and with uniform density, then that central point is the center of mass of the body. In … Read more

Velocity of center of mass – equation, calculation

We know that the center of mass of a body is a point inside it where the entire mass of the body is situated. For a uniform and symmetric body, its center of mass is exactly its middle point. Now, when the body moves, its center of mass also moves. So, the center of mass … Read more