Electrostatic force – equation, properties, example

If we bring two electric charges close to each other, they exert a force on each other. This force is known as the electrostatic or electric force. It is a natural property of electric charges. Every electric charge or charged body exerts an electric force on another charged body near it. In this article, I’m … Read more

Coulomb’s law of electrostatics – equation, vector form

Electrostatics Article – 4: In the previous article, we became to know that an electric charge can produce an electric field around it inside which it interacts with other charges. This interaction is nothing but the exertion of forces on the charges. This force between the electric charges is known as the Electrostatic Force. Coulomb’s … Read more

Properties of electric field lines with diagrams

In the first four articles on electrostatics, we learned about electric charges, electric charge distributions, electric field and Coulomb’s law of electric force. We became to know that the charges of the same sign will go away and opposite charges will come closer due to electrostatic interactions. The paths through which the charges move due … Read more

Electric Field Intensity – definition, formula, units

In the first two articles on Electrostatics, we learned about electric charges and their distributions on a Conductor. We became to know that a static electric charge produces an electric field and a moving charge produces a magnetic field around it. Electric charges can move due to electrostatic force and this force comes from the … Read more