What are ferromagnetic materials | properties example list

In another article we have discussed that most of the substances or materials are affected by the magnetic field. These materials are the magnetic materials. On the basis of origin of magnetism and properties of these materials there are five types of magnetic materials – Diamagnetic materials, Paramagnetic materials, Ferromagnetic materials, Ferrimagnetic materials and anti-ferromagnetic … Read more

Types of magnetic material | non-magnetic material

The origin of magnetism is the motion of charged particle. Now, in every atom, there must be some electrons and some protons. As the electrons are revolving around the nucleus and also spinning around their own axes, the atomic system behaves like a magnetic dipole. Therefore, atoms can produce magnetic field or can have magnetic … Read more

Biot-Savart Law of Magnetic Field

So far, we have discussed the origin and definition of magnetic field, learned to find the direction of magnetic field. Now, we need to know the way to find the magnetic field due to a current carrying wire or conductor. On this purpose we are going to discuss the Biot Savart law of magnetostatics. Biot-Savart … Read more

Use and Working Formula of a Transformer

Transformer is an electric device which transfers the alternating electric power from one circuit to another circuit keeping the frequency of signal same. It can change the amplitude of alternating voltage to our desired value at the output. But the power remains same both at primary and secondary coil. In this article, we am going … Read more

Magnetic force on a current carrying wire – expression

A current carrying wire placed in external magnetic field will experience some magnetic force. This is a similar to the force between two magnets. Because we know that a current carrying conductor behaves like a magnet. Also, It will show the same interactions like other magnets when it is placed in front of a magnet. … Read more

Properties of Magnetic field lines with diagram

Earlier we have discussed the Electric field and Electric field lines. Similar to the electric field lines, there exist magnetic field lines in a Magnetic field. In this article, we are going to discuss the definition and the properties of Magnetic field lines and the diagram of magnetic field lines for a bar magnet, solenoid, … Read more

The definition of Magnetic Field Intensity | 1 Tesla

If we bring a bar magnet near to another bar magnet then a force acts between the magnets. Same poles of magnets repel and opposite poles attract each other. This interaction is similar to electric charges. Now what makes this to happen? The answer is the magnetic force in the magnetic field. We already know … Read more

How to find the direction of Magnetic field?

Scientist Hans Christian Oersted first observed the deflection of magnetic needle or compass placed near a current carrying wire. This concludes that the current carrying wire can produce magnetic field around it. In another article, we have discussed the Origin, definition, unit and dimension of magnetic field. Since, magnetic field is a vector quantity, it … Read more