Class 11 Physics

Unit, Dimension and Measurements

  1. Fundamental Physical quantities
  2. Finding of dimensions
  3. Significant figures and Rounding off
  4. Slide calipers and Vernier scale
  5. Screw Gauge

One Dimensional Motion

  1. Distance and Displacement related numerical
  2. Speed, Velocity and acceleration related MCQ and Numerical
  3. Motion with constant Acceleration

Laws of Motion

  1. Newtons 1st law of Motion
  2. Newton’s 2nd law
  3. Newton’s 3rd law
  4. Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum


  1. Newton’s law of Gravitation

Work, Power and Energy

Circular Motion

Rotational Motion

  1. Angular velocity and Angular acceleration
  2. Torque and Moment of Force
  3. Moment of Inertia
  4. Rotational kinetic energy


  1. Kinetic Theory of Gas
  2. Thermodynamical variables
  3. First law of Thermodynamics
  4. Second Law of Thermodynamics
  5. Entropy

Simple Harmonic Motion

Wave and Oscillation

  1. Wave parameters- Amplitude, wavelength, Frequency, Time period
  2. Simple Harmonic Motion
  3. Sound Wave
  4. Vibration of String
  5. Light wave
  6. Doppler Effect