Rounding off Significant numbers | Significant figures rounding

To get a better precision in measurement, we need to round off the numbers up to some significant figures. Suppose we have to present a long decimal number 65.3452343….. up to two or three significant figures after the decimal. This may look straightforward, but it is not the case. The last digit may be the … Read more

Units of Pressure & Conversions in SI, CGS and FPS

Pressure is a physical quantity that has wide uses in Science, especially, in fluid mechanics and hydrostatics. We need to deal with the pressure to know the nature of the flow of a fluid, to measure the amount of stress that a body can handle, to get forecast of weather, to study the behavior of … Read more

Types of errors in measurement – sources and corrections

Error is a part of measurement. In an experiment, the aim is to get accurate result. But, practically it is very difficult to achieve 100% accuracy in a measurement. When the measured value differs from the actual value, then there is an error in that measurement. That means, if there is no 100% accuracy, then … Read more

Accuracy and precision with example and differences

We often hear the two words accuracy and precision during the measurement of a physical quantity in an experiment. Most of the students feel that these two terms have the same meaning. But these are much different to each other. In this article, we are going to discuss the concepts and difference between accuracy and … Read more

How to get volume from density and mass? formula

How to get volume from density and mass? One cannot get the volume of a substance from only the density of the substance. The mass of the substance is also required to know. Because there is a relation between the density, volume and mass of a substance as Volume = mass × density. If m … Read more

Rules for significant figures in Calculations

Suppose you have calculated a value and the calculator is showing the value as 10.333333….Now, what will you write to express the number? Up to what decimal number will you take the data? To know this, we need the concept of significant digits. Significant figures or significant digits are very important in measurements to write … Read more