Conductivity of a Semiconductor – formula

Earlier we have discussed the basic properties, examples, types and applications of semiconductor materials. We became to know that semiconductors are not excellent conductors of electricity at room temperature. That means a pure semiconductor is not suitable for conducting current and hence it cannot be used to design electronic devices. But there is a solution. … Read more

What is a Semiconductor? Properties, examples and applications

Semiconductor Lecture – 1: The article series on Semiconductor materials start from here. In this post, I’m going to give you basic introductory concepts on Semiconductors. You can read the next articles related to this topic by clicking on the Next Article button at the end of this article. Modern Technology is based on Semiconductors. … Read more

Types of Breakdown in diode and their causes

A p-n junction diode works properly in forward bias condition. Because a higher amount of current flows for this biasing condition. On the other hand, a very small amount of current flows through the diode when it is connected to a reverse bias. Again, a higher amount of reverse bias voltage can create a breakdown … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy is a trending topic of science in recent times. The non-renewable sources of energy are about to extinct due to their limited storage on the Earth. Therefore, alternative sources of energy are needed to fulfill our daily needs of energy. There are some renewable sources of energy like Solar energy, Wind energy, Geothermal … Read more

NOT AND OR gate using NAND gate – circuit diagram

Earlier we discussed the basic logic gates with truth table, circuit diagram and Boolean expression. The three basic logic gates in Computers are OR gate, AND gate and NOT gate. The universal logic gates like NAND gate and NOR gate are also introduced to you. All logical gates can be designed by using universal logic … Read more

XNOR gate circuit diagram using NAND & NOR gate

XNOR gate is another logical gate that is available in integrated circuit (IC) form. In other articles, we discussed that NAND gate and XOR gate are also available in IC form. Therefore, these types of logic gates are very much useful in advanced digital electronics. Basic logic gates (OR gate, AND gate and NOT gate), … Read more

Karnaugh map for simplification of Boolean expression

Karnaugh map is a very useful tool for simplification of Boolean expression in digital electronics. The other name of Karnaugh map is K-map or K map. It can represent the Boolean equation both in sum of products (SOP) form and product of sum (POS) form. There are two ways to simplify Boolean expressions. One is … Read more

Rules of Boolean algebra for simplification

Boolean algebra is a very useful method for the simplification of binary expressions. There is no connection between known general algebra and Boolean algebra. Boolean algebra deals with the binary bits only. There are different laws of Boolean algebra to simplify Boolean expressions. In this article, we are going to discuss all rules of Boolean … Read more

NOR gate truth table with 2 and 3 inputs

NOR gate is one of the universal logic gates along with the NAND gate. Do you know how to make NOR gate? How does NOR gate work? One can make a NOR gate by connecting an OR gate and a NOT gate in series. So, the main work of a NOR gate is to give … Read more

NAND gate with 3 inputs – truth table & circuit diagram

The NAND gate is the most important logic gate in digital electronics. It is one of the universal logic gates. Because other logical gates can be designed by using NAND gates only. This gate is available in IC form. IC7400 is a popular IC that consists of 4 NAND gates. In other articles, XOR gate, … Read more