Topics From Higher Secondary (Class-12)


  1. Electric charges and its properties
  2. Surface charge density and facts
  3. Coulomb’s Law of Electrostatic force
  4. Electric field and Electric field intensity
  5. Properties of electric field lines
  6. Electric Dipole
  7. Electric Flux
  8. Gauss’s Law
  9. Electric field due to a Point charge
  10. Electric field for a Hollow Sphere
  11. Electric field for a hollow sphere
  12. Electric field for a Cylindrical conductor
  13. Electric field for a Charged Lamina and a capacitor
  14. Electric Potential and Potential Energy
  15. Equipotential Surface and its properties
  16. Capacitor and Capacitance
  17. Parallel plate capacitor and dielectric
  18. Energy stored in a capacitor

Current Electricity

  1. Electric circuit Components – resistor, Capacitor, Inductor, Diode, Transistor.
  2. Ohm’s Law
  3. Ohm’s law Experiment
  4. Drift velocity of electrons
  5. Mobility of electrons
  6. Resistors and its combinationsSeries Combination and Parallel combination
  7. Kirchhoff’s law (KCL and KVL)
  8. Galvanometer and Shunt
  9. Wheatstone Bridge
  10. Meter Bridge
  11. Potentiometer
  12. Transformer


  1. Origin, definition, unit and dimension of Magnetic field
  2. How to find the direction of Magnetic field? – Fleming’s thumb rule, Ampere’s Swimming rule
  3. Magnetic Force on a Current Carrying wire
  4. Properties of Magnetic Field lines
  5. Lorentz Force and Trajectory of a moving charge in magnetic field
  6. Biot-Savart law
  7. Ampere’s Circuital law
  8. Magnetic field inside a Solenoid
  9. Magnetic field Inside a Toroid
  10. Magnetic dipole and a Closed current carrying loop
  11. Magnetic Materials
  12. Ferromagnetic Materials – origin, properties and examples
  13. Earth Magnet
  14. Transformer

Electromagnetic Induction

  1. Faraday’s and Lenz’s law of electromagnetic Induction
  2. Self Induction and Mutual Induction
  3. Transformer

Alternating Current

  1. Alternating current and Direct Current
  2. Impedances and AC power and power factor
  3. AC voltage across pure R, L and C
  4. Series LRC circuit and Resonance

Electromagnetic Waves


  1. Reflection of light
  2. Refraction of Light
  3. Lens
  4. Interference of light
  5. Dispersion and Scattering of Light

Modern Physics

  1. Photoelectric effect
  2. de Broglie’s hypothesis
  3. Bohr’s Atomic theory
  4. Radioactivity
  5. Radioactive Isotopes
  6. Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion
  7. Decimal to Binary, Binary to decimal conversion rule
  8. Basic Logic gates
  9. XOR gate
  10. NAND and NOR gate as Universal logic gates
  11. Communication system