How to find refractive index of a material? [ 4 ways]

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Refractive index – definition, formula, dependence, List

In the chapter of refraction of light, we became to know that the light bends while passing from one medium to another medium. Even this fact can be seen in daily life also. Now, the question is, why light bends when it changes medium? This is due to different refractive indices of different medium. In … Read more

XNOR gate circuit diagram using NAND & NOR gate

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Karnaugh map for simplification of Boolean expression

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Rules of Boolean algebra for simplification

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NOR gate truth table with 2 and 3 inputs

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NAND gate with 3 inputs – truth table and circuit diagram

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Work done by tension force – formula and derivation

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How to find tension in a string? | Theory & solved problem

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Voltage drop across capacitor – formula and concepts

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