Different branches of physics with definition and books list

Physics is one of the greatest subject for the students as well as for the teachers. This subject is the king of science. Physics deals with the natural phenomena and their applications. Our website provides best contents related to basic Physics and Electronics. One can read physics related articles from our website. All the categories … Read more

Newton’s fourth law of motion is not the law of gravity

Almost all the physics students know the Newton’s three laws of motion. But the fourth law of motion is still unknown to many of the students. Here I am going to discuss what is Newton’s fourth law of motion? This is a hidden law of Newton. We already have discussed – Newton’s first law of … Read more

Newton’s second law of motion with example – 2nd law

The three famous laws of motion given by sir Isaac Newton are the basic laws in classical mechanics. These three laws describe the rest or motion state of an object. We already have learned the Newton’s first law of motion and its importance. Now, in this article, we are going to explain Newton’s second law … Read more

Capacitance of Earth in microfarad | formula value

To find the capacitor of Earth we consider that the Earth is a spherical conductor with radius R and total charge Q. In fact, using this assumption one can determine the capacitance of any planet and satellite like Mercury, Mars, Moon, etc. In this article, we are going to find capacitance of Earth in microfarad … Read more

How to get volume from density and mass? formula

How to get volume from density and mass? One cannot get the volume of a substance from only the density of the substance. The mass of the substance is also required to know. Because there is a relation between the density, volume and mass of a substance as Volume = mass × density. If m … Read more

How to calculate the gravitational force? Earth Sun

In another article we have discussed Gravity and Gravitation, Newton’s universal law of gravitation and the formula for gravitational force. Now, in this article we are going to learn how to calculate the gravitational force of attraction between two objects like Earth and Sun, Earth and Moon, electron and proton, etc. Contents in this article: … Read more

de Broglie hypothesis for matter waves in quantum theory

The de Broglie’s hypothesis is very important in Quantum mechanics. A hypothesis is a predicted theory that satisfies with other phenomena but not verified experimentally. Scientist de Broglie gave a this type of theory for matter particles. In this article, we are going to discuss de Broglie hypothesis for matter waves in quantum mechanics, its … Read more

Explanation of Photoelectric effect by Einstein equation

Photoelectric effect was discovered by sir Albert Einstein. There were some failures of classical mechanics to explain the photoelectric effect phenomena. Then Einstein explained the photoelectric effect on the basis of quantum theory. For this, he won the Nobel Prize in 1905. In this article, we are going to discuss the Photoelectric effect, its properties, … Read more

What are ferromagnetic materials | properties example list

In another article we have discussed that most of the substances or materials are affected by the magnetic field. These materials are the magnetic materials. On the basis of origin of magnetism and properties of these materials there are five types of magnetic materials – Diamagnetic materials, Paramagnetic materials, Ferromagnetic materials, Ferrimagnetic materials and anti-ferromagnetic … Read more

Types of magnetic material | non-magnetic material

The origin of magnetism is the motion of charged particle. Now, in every atom, there must be some electrons and some protons. As the electrons are revolving around the nucleus and also spinning around their own axes, the atomic system behaves like a magnetic dipole. Therefore, atoms can produce magnetic field or can have magnetic … Read more