Transformation of Energy with Examples

We cannot get any energy directly unless it is the light energy of the Sun. Luckily, we have enough mechanisms that can transform light energy into other forms like heat, electricity, chemical energy, etc. These energies can also be transformed among themselves. In this article, I’m going to explore different types of transformation of energy with examples.

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  1. What is called the Transformation of Energy
  2. Transformation and Conservation of Energy
  3. Examples of different Types of Energy Transformation
  4. Energy Transformation Table

What is called the Transformation of Energy

The change in form of energy from one to another is called Energy Transformation. Conversion of energy is essential in order to get various types of energy from a particular source. Various technologies have been developed over the years for such transformations of energy.

Transformation and Conservation of Energy

The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of the universe is conserved. Energy cannot be created nor be destroyed, only can be transformed from one form to another. This is why the mechanisms for energy transformation are essential.

Examples of different Types of Energy Transformation

There are millions of examples for transformation of energy. Here I’ve explored 10 examples of energy transfer. All conversions of energy are arranged in a sequence. This will help you to remember.

Transformation of Light Energy into Electrical Energy

Light is the source of all kinds of energy and that’s why I’m going to start with this. It’s one of the trending topics in the world of energy and technology. Because the people need alternative sources of energy to survive the upcoming generation.

Semiconductor technology has developed Solar panels that can convert solar energy or light energy from the Sun into electrical energy. However, its efficiency of energy transformation isn’t that good. Hope this will be better in the future.

Conversion of Electrical Energy into Heat Energy

We got electrical energy from the Sun and now will use it to transform into other forms. The conversion of electrical energy into heat is another example of the transformation of energy. This type of energy transformation is used in induction heaters for cooking and heating water. Electrical inductions convert electrical energy into heat and we can cook by using the heat generated.

Transfer of Electrical Energy into Sound Energy

In many functions, you might have seen the connection of a box or speaker to a musical instrument or device to spread the sound of music. A mic or speaker converts electrical energy into sound energy. The device plays the music as an electrical signal and the speaker converts it into sound energy.

Transforming Electrical Energy into Chemical Energy

Batteries store energy in the form of Chemical energy. During the charging of a battery, electrical energy transforms into the chemical energy of the battery. Power banks also follow the same mechanism.

Electrical Energy transferring into Light Energy

We all have noticed this type of energy conversion every day in our houses, offices and institutions. Yes, you switch on the lamp before the study in the evening. Electrical energy is transferred into light in the electric lamps, tube lights, etc.

The first example was the transformation of light energy into electrical energy and then the conversion of electrical energy into heat, sound and chemical energy. Finally, we completed an energy cycle with the transfer of electrical energy into light.

Conversion of Sound Energy into Electrical energy

Speakers use microphones while delivering their speeches, lectures and any other talks. Have you ever thought about why is microphone used? The Microphone converts the sound of the speaker into electrical energy. The cable wire attached to the microphone carries the electrical energy toward the box or electric speaker which converts it into sound energy again. The audience hears this sound.

Example for transformation of heat into light

A hot body glows and emits light. For example, by the Nuclear fusion process, a huge amount of heat produces in the Sun and therefore the Sun glows and emits light. Similar thing happens in the electric bulbs too. The electrical energy heats the filament of a bulb and the bulb glows and emits light.

Transformation of Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy

AC generator transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The most common example of this is the Turbine. A flow of water is used to rotate the turbine and we get electricity from it. The flow of water has kinetic energy which is a type of mechanical energy. This kinetic energy converts into the rotational kinetic energy of the turbine and finally the rotational kinetic energy generates electricity.

Examples for transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy

Blades of a ceiling fan rotate when an electric current passes though the coil of the fan. The rotation of a fan is an example of mechanical work. Therefore, it is an example of transformation of electricity into mechanical energy. A similar transformation occurs in electric motor too.

Conversion of Chemical energy into electricity

Earlier we became to know that a battery stores energy in the form of chemical energy which comes from the electrical energy while its charging. The reverse case also exists. While discharging of a battery, the stored chemical energy supplies the electric energy to the connected devices like mobiles, laptops, clocks, etc.

Energy Transformation Table

I’ve already mentioned 10 examples of energy transformation that can be seen in our daily life. But it looks incomplete without a tabular presentation of those. Let’s have look at these transformations at a glance in the following table –

SL No.Energy TransformationExample in daily life
1Light energy into heatHeating a bucket of water at the sun.
2Light energy into electricitySolar Panels – solar lamps, cars, etc.
3Electric energy into heatElectric heater, induction, etc.
4Electrical energy into lightElectric bulbs
5Sound energy into electric energyMicrophones
6Electrical energy into soundElectric speakers or boxes.
7Electrical energy into chemical energyA charging Battery
8Chemical energy into electrical energyA discharging battery
9Mechanical energy into electricityElectric Generator or Dynamo
10Electric energy into mechanical energyElectric Motor
Energy transformation table

This is all from this article on the examples for transformation of energies from one form to another. If you have any questions on this topic you can ask me in the comment section.

Thank you!

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