Units of storage in a computer – KB MB GB TB etc

Various devices that we use today like smartphones, Computers, Tablets, etc. deal with electronic data. Electronic data is the sequence of 0 and 1 bits. Computers and other storage devices store electronic data in their Memories in the form of digital information. We often use external devices like Pendrive, Hard disc, etc. to store important … Read more

What is Network Technology for Computers?

Companies, institutions and industries require a system that interconnects their Computers or information devices to build up fast and secure communication. Suppose you work in a large institution that has many departments and sections. Now, you need to collect electronic data in a computer of your department from any other department. For this, you need … Read more

Examples of input devices in computer with images

The components used in a computer are Input devices, Output devices, a CPU, and Memory units. We can provide electronic data to a computer by using input devices and the output data can be read by using output devices. Memory units store the data in the computer. In other articles, we have discussed Memory units … Read more

10 examples of output devices for computer with use

In the architecture of a computer, one can see that a computer consists of Input devices, Output devices, Memory units and a CPU. Input devices help to input the data to a computer and output devices help us to read and receive the output data. Memory units store the data in the computer. We already … Read more

Types of Memory in Computer Architecture

The internal logic design of a Computer is known as the architecture of the Computer. It consists of a CPU or Microprocessor, Input devices, Output devices and Memory. Computers work according to commands. While working the computer stores the input data and mid-work output data in its memory. The storage of a Computer is not … Read more