How to find tension in a string? | Tension formula in physics

If you drop a ball from the roof of your house, the ball will fall under gravitational force. Now, attach the ball to an end of a string and fix the other end of the string somewhere on the roof. Then drop the ball from the roof again. This time the ball will be hanging … Read more

Derive Newton’s first law from second law – prove

We already have discussed Newton’s first law and second law in other articles. These two laws deal with the motion of any particle in classical limit. First law gives the cause of motion and the second law gives the measurement of the force required to apply to make a particle in motion. That means these … Read more

Newton’s fourth law of motion | Newton’s 4th law

Newton’s laws have brought the revaluation in Physics in 19th century. These laws have important roles in science. But, how many laws does Newton have? The answer is that Sir Isaac Newton introduced many laws in many branches of science. Here, we are interested in laws of motion only. We already have discussed three laws … Read more

Newton’s second law of motion with example – 2nd law

The three famous laws of motion given by sir Isaac Newton are the basic laws in classical mechanics. These laws describe the rest and motion states of an object. We already have explained Newton’s first law of motion and its importance. In this article, I’m going to explain Newton’s second law of motion with example … Read more