MCQ on electric potential for class 12 CBSE

In this article, we are going to discuss MCQ questions on electric potential for class 12. These multiple choice questions on electrostatic potential will be helpful for class 12 students of CBSE board and all other boards. Chapter-2: Electrostatic potential and Capacitance MCQ on electric potential 1. If V be the electric potential at the … Read more

MCQ on electric field for CBSE class 12 chapter 1

We have already learned electric charges and electric field in detail. Now, it’s time to practice some multiple-choice questions on electric charges and electric fields for class 12 physics. It is very helpful for board exams and NEET exam. This topic is included in class 12 NCERT physics chapter 1 for CBSE and other boards. … Read more

MCQ on current electricity for class 12 CBSE PDF

In recent exam pattern of class 8, 10 and 12, MCQ and short questions carry majority marks. In this context multiple choice questions are very much important to secure a good score in exams. Students need to find MCQs from the textbooks. But most of the students fail to gather majority of inside questions. Therefore, … Read more