MCQ on electric potential for class 12 CBSE

In this article, we are going to discuss MCQ questions on electric potential for class 12. These multiple choice questions on electrostatic potential will be helpful for class 12 students of CBSE board and all other boards.

Chapter-2: Electrostatic potential and Capacitance

MCQ on electric potential

1. If V be the electric potential at the surface of a solid sphere, then electric potential at the center of the sphere will be

  1. V
  2. V/2
  3. 3V/2
  4. Zero

2. If V be the electric potential at the surface of a hollow sphere, then electric potential at the center of the sphere will be

  1. Zero
  2. V
  3. V/2
  4. 3V/2

The electric field inside a hollow sphere is zero, but the electric potential is non-zero. Now, the electric potential at any inside point of a hollow sphere is same as the potential at its surface, because no work is to be done to bring the charge from the surface to its center or at any inside point as there is no electric field inside it.

3. The dimensional formula of electric potential is

  1. MLT-2I-1
  2. MLT-2I-1
  3. LT-2I
  4. ML2T-3I-1

Use W=QV formula in this case.

4. The electric potential due an electric dipole varies with the distance (r) from the dipole as

  1. 1/r
  2. r
  3. 1/r2
  4. 1/r3

5. The equipotential surface around a point charge has the shape of a

  1. Square
  2. Sphere
  3. Cylinder
  4. Rectangle

See the drawing of equipotential surfaces due to a point charge.

6. The shape of equipotential surface due to an electric dipole is

  1. Spherical
  2. Cylindrical
  3. Circular disc
  4. Rectangular plane

An electric dipole creates circular disc like equipotential surface around its mid point and perpendicular to it. The value of electric potential at every point on this equipotential disc is zero. See the drawing here.

7. If an electron is moving with kinetic energy 6.4×10-19 Joule through a potential difference V, then the value of the potential difference is

  1. 2 Volt
  2. 4 Volt
  3. 6 Volt
  4. 3.5 Volt

Kinetic energy of the electron is equal to the work done in moving through the potential difference. K.E=eV. Sometime, velocity or speed may be supplied. In this case, you need to equal the eV with the kinetic energy formula.

8. The work done to move a 2C charge through a potential difference of 10 volt is

  1. 5 J
  2. 10 J
  3. Zero
  4. 20 J

Use W=QV formula to find the work done.

9. The electric potential at any position r is V=3r2. Then the value of electric field at a position r=2m is

  1. 6 N/C
  2. 12 N/C
  3. 3 N/C
  4. 7.5 N/C

The relation between electric field and electric potential is, E=dV/dr. So, electric field at r is E=6r. Now, put r=2m and you will get E=12 N/C.

10. The relation between Volt and stat-volt is

  1. 1 Volt = 10 stat-volt
  2. 1 Volt = 300 stat-volt
  3. 300 volt = 1 stat-volt
  4. 1 volt = 3×109 stat-volt

This is all from this article. If you have any doubt or question on this topic you can ask me in the comment section.

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