Farad unit in SI system

Farad is one of the popular units in metric system. In this article, we’re going to discuss the Farad unit of capacitance of a capacitor and its conversions into other units like microfarad, nano farad and picofarad.


What is Farad unit?

Farad is the SI unit of capacitance of a capacitor. It is symbolized by the letter F. If a capacitor can store 1-coulomb charge due to the application of 1-volt potential difference across it, then the capacitance of the capacitor is called 1 Farad.

\color{Blue} 1 F = \frac{1C}{1V}………………….[1]

What does it mean by 1 micro-Farad capacitance?

The capacitance of a capacitor is said to be 1 microfarad if it is capable of storing 1 microcoulomb amount of electric charge in presence of 1 volt amount of voltage across it.

Farad to Microfarad, nanofarad and picofarad conversions

The Farad unit is related to all other metric units of capacitance. The four most useful conversion relations are given below.

  • \color{Blue} 1 mF = 10^{-3} F
  • \color{Blue} 1 \mu F = 10^{-6} F
  • \color{Blue} 1 nF = 10^{-9} F
  • \color{Blue} 1 pF = 10^{-12} F

Farad to Stat-Farad unit conversion

\color{Blue} 1 F = 9*10^{11} StatF.

For Example: 5 Farads = 5 * 9 * 1011 StatF = 45 * 1011 StatFarads

Unsolved numerical problems

Test yourself by solving the following four questions.

  1. Convert 1.22 microfarad into nano farad.
  2. Convert 0.112 farad into microfarad.
  3. 711 microfarad equals how many statfarad?
  4. Convert 100 nanofard into picofarad.

Fun fact about the Farad of Earth.

Do you know that Earth is a Capacitor? Yes, Earth has a capacitance of 711 \small \mu F and in Farad unit it is 711*10-6 F. Here is how to calculate the capacitance of Earth.

This is all from this article. Hope this helped you to understand the units of capacitance.

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