Voltage drop across capacitor – formula and concepts

A Capacitor is one of the important components in electrical circuit. We have discussed on capacitors, their combinations and other related facts in other articles. Like other components (resistors, inductors), a capacitor also offer an opposition to the current flow through it. From the Ohm’s law, we get an expression for voltage drop across a … Read more

Capacitance of Earth in microfarad | formula value

To find the capacitor of Earth we consider that the Earth is a spherical conductor with radius R and total charge Q. In fact, using this assumption one can determine the capacitance of any planet and satellite like Mercury, Mars, Moon, etc. In this article, we are going to find capacitance of Earth in microfarad … Read more

Formula for energy stored in the capacitor – Derive

We know that a capacitor can store electric charge and can release them whenever it is required. So, a capacitor has the capacity to store electric charges. But, how can a capacitor store energy in it? What is the formula of energy stored in a capacitor? The application of voltage produces electric field and this … Read more

Capacitance of parallel plate capacitor with dielectric medium

We have discussed the basic things of a capacitor in previous article. That article covers the definition, construction, types, formula and uses of a capacitor. In this article, we are going to deal with a special type of capacitor. Here, we are to discuss the capacitance of parallel plate capacitor and its behavior in presence … Read more

Formula for capacitance of a capacitor | definition types

Capacitor is one of the most important circuit components. Capacitors can store electric charge or electric energy in it. A capacitor is nothing but a conductor or the combination of two conductors having equal and opposite charges. Now, what is the difference between a capacitor and a conductor? What makes the capacitor different from a … Read more