How can two Metallic spheres be charged by induction?

All bodies are neutral in nature. Charged bodies are created either artificially or by natural phenomena like lightning. There are three processes to charge a body artificially – Friction, Induction and Conduction. In this article, we will learn how to produce electric charge by induction process. Here, I am going to explain how can two Metallic Spheres be charged by induction process to establish the whole concept.

What is electric Induction process?

Electric induction is the process by which one can charge metallic bodies by placing another charged body in front of those but without letting those bodies in contact. In this process, we can produce induced charge on the bodies.

How can two Metallic spheres be charged by induction?

Two identical metallic spheres can be charged oppositely by the induction process. To do that, we need to follow the following steps –

Production of electric charge by induction process
Production of electric charge on two metallic spheres by induction process
  1. First, take two identical spherical conductors. They should not touch the ground or any other conductor. To be assured, insert an insulator between the sphere and its stand.
  2. Place these two spheres in contact with each other.
  3. Now bring a charged rod in front of any of the spheres. The rod should not be in contact with the spheres.
  4. As soon as the charged rod is placed in front of a sphere, the induction process occurs in the spheres. If the rod is positively charged then negative charge induces in the sphere near the rod and positive charge induces in the further sphere.
  5. Now, remove one of the spheres without moving the rod. While removing the sphere don’t touch it, you should catch it below the stand.
  6. After removing one of the spheres, we will get two separate spheres, one with positive charges and the other with negative charges.

In this way, one can charge two conductors with opposite charges at the same time by the induction process of charge. This process can be used to charge any two bodies of any shape.

This is all from this article. Hope you understand the production of electric charge by induction process. If you still have any doubts on this topic, you can ask me in the comment section.

Thank you!

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