Why do we need the doping in semiconductor?

We know that in modern technology the Semiconductor materials have a huge role. Almost all the high-speed electronic devices are made of a semiconductor. But we cannot use a pure semiconductor material to construct those devices. we need to dope the semiconductors before using them. In this article, we are going to discuss exactly why do we need doping in semiconductor?

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  1. What is doping in semiconductors?
  2. What are the two types of doping in semiconductors?
  3. Why do we need doping in semiconductor materials?

What is doping in semiconductors?

Doping is the mixing of impure atoms in a pure semiconductor material. Here the impure atoms refer to the atoms that are different from the pure semiconductor. The most commonly used impure atoms are Boron (B), Aluminum (Al), Arsenic (As), Phosphorus (P), etc.

What are the two types of doping in semiconductors?

One can dope the semiconductors in two ways –

  1. with Trivalent impure atoms to get p type of semiconductor
  2. with pentavalent impure atoms to get n type of semiconductor

If we dope with trivalent impure atoms (like B, Al) in a semiconductor then the semiconductor becomes a p-type semiconductor. On the other hand, we will get an n-type semiconductor after mixing pentavalent atoms like As, P, etc. with it.

Why do we need the doping in semiconductor materials?

The Conductivity of semiconductors is very poor at room temperature. To get a significant amount of conductivity we need to increase the temperature of the semiconductor to a high value. But it is practically impossible to use the semiconductor devices at a very high temperatures above 50 degree centigrade. Now, doping can increase the conductivity of semiconductors by a significant amount even at room temperature. At this one can use semiconductor devices comfortably at room temperature. So, we need the doping in semiconductor materials to increase their conductivity without increasing the temperature which enables us to use semiconductor devices at room temperature.

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