How many amps are required for 1500 Watts?

If you have a heater or any other device of 1500 Watts, then you may want to know how many amps it draws. I’m here to explain how many amps flow in a 1500 Watts heater. However, amps and watts do not imply the same physical quantity. These units are used for different purposes.

Ampere (amp) is the unit of electric current and Watt gives the measure of wattage or electric power. In this post, we basically want to know the way to get electric current from electric power.

How many amps are required for a 1500 Watts heater?

We can convert watts into amps in two different cases –

  • Resistance of the coil of the heater is known.
  • The voltage across the coil of the heater is known.

Watts to amps when ohms are given

If we know the resistance of the coil of the heater then we will use \small\color{Blue}I = \sqrt{\frac{P}{R}}. Where I is the electric current that gives amps, R is the resistance that gives ohms and P gives the watts. Unfortunately, the resistance (R) isn’t provided here.

Watts to amps when volts are given

This is the best way to find amperage from wattage. Because the volts of the supply are usually known to all. For example, the voltage of a household power supply in USA is 120 volts and we connect the heater to this voltage. Therefore, amps, watts and volts are known in this case and the relation between these is \small\color{Blue}I = \frac{P}{V}.

Here, V = 120 Volts and P = 1500 Watts. Therefore, the electric current, \small\color{Blue}I = \frac{1500}{120} = 12.5 amps.

Thus an electric heater of wattage 1500 watts will draw 12.5 amps when it is connected to a voltage of 120 volts. Hope you understand how to find the amps for 1500 Watts when it is connected to 120 volts. Using the same formula one can find it for 240 volts too.

This is all from this post. Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to ask such questions in the comments.

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